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Diane Resroad and Jim Haines

Tropical Ranch Botanical Gardens was opened in May of 2006 when Diane Rexroad and Jim Haines decided they wanted to open their gardens to the general public in an effort to educate them in placing the right plant in the right place, according to the University of Florida's Florida Friendly Landscaping Program. As they are both long-time Florida friendly gardeners, they are fully involved in the best management practices of watering efficiently, fertilizing appropriately, using mulch, attracting wildlife, managing yard pests responsibly, recycling, and reducing storm water runoff.


TRBG is the only Botanical Garden in Martin County and it is free to the public. We have a large collection of rare and unusual plants displayed in a variety of areas appropriate to the plantings, e.g. Bamboo plants in the Asian-Inspired Serenity Garden, and nine other theme gardens.
Come join us on a Saturday or Sunday, when we are open to the public, and enjoy natural beauty just as God intended it to be.